Monday, September 22, 2008

I will not repeat the same thing EVER again!

I'm speechless right now as I have gotten my new ticket flight back to Kuching which is scheduled tonight. Too excited I guess and can't wait to meet my family waiting for my arrival. Hahaha.

Depart from KLIA: 1015p.m.
E.T.A. @ KIA: 12.00 a.m.

Recalling back the time when I was a fool being late for the flight, I think I'm now in phobia of everything that has got to do with airport, KL Sentral, ticket and of course KLIA! Now, I'm telling myself that I must be there extra early even 6 hours before the flight, I would rather wait there till I die. It's all because of the incident that made me realize that I must be aware of the surroundings and be extra alert especially in terms time management. For 2 days, I was not being myself, not talking, emotionally unstable, didnt have the mood to eat and tensed up. My sufferings ended yesterday night after everything was settled and big THANKS to Daicus and Victoria (my cousin) for their big assistance. Reli owe you guys to the max and God knows how kind you are to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I would have done something out of my mind without you all but because of your assistance, I'm now back with with my normal attitude. THOUSAND THANKS! :'(

Praise and glory to God Almighty for the good things you've given me throughout my trying times. AMEN!

Saya berbahasa Melayu Sarawak dulu sebelum ia hilang ditelan bahasa Melayu Semenanjung...

Gunung Penrissen nun di Padawan
Gunung Tahan nun di Pahang
Rindu ati sik dapat nahan
Mauk balit negeri seberang

Well, a gud try at least for for me composing the riddles or should I say a poem in Sarawak Malay languange. OMG! Wat the fuck am I talking about? The title says I have to write my blog in Sarawak Malay language and yet I'm using English...damn...ok...

Pa khabar kitak orang di sinun? Aaa...tok baruk nya Bahasa Melayu Sarawak! Haha. Kamek sitok sik tauk apa mauk padah selain daripada menung kedirik mikir apa nak berlaku marek. Hmm...susah ku mauk paham kenak aku pande terlepas belon sedangkan selama tok sik pernah berlaku benda kedak tok dalam hidup aku nait belon. Nang nasib kali atau ada hikmah di sebalik benda tok. Apa-apa pun aku berdoa moga2 ada nasib esok aku balit atau pun paling lambat ari Rabu tok. Maklumlah, orang rami mauk balit juak nyambut Raya tapi ya la arap2 ada juak orang cancel flight pas ya aku boleh balit. Kmk mengharap betul tok memandangkan ninek ku ngan mak bapak adik abang ku ngarap aku balit ari minggu tek tapi dah benda kedak towk berlaku. Jadi, aku mengharap sesuatu nak bait sekurang-kurangnya malam towk atau pagi esok.

Aku arap kitak org tolong aku dengan berdoa agar aku selamat sampai dan selamat masuk belon.

P.S.: Fuh, I was strugling like hell man typing those words in BM Sarawak, there are still words which are not in BM Sarawak but at least I've made my attempt to compose a post in BM Sarawak. Hahaha. Lawak eh...k cya guys!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Tonight, 21st September 2008, I'm gonna reflect on what had happened to me as I lie down on the bed and relax myself, trying to get rid of the bad moments that happened today...


The most terrible moment in my life!

21 September 2008, a date to remember. The most terrible day of my life. Come to think of it, I was so dumb enough to throw myself down to from the top floor of any building. So dumb and so ridiculous.

I was late for the first time in the whole of my flight experiences. I don't know why and I don't know how this could happened. Is there something behind this whole incident or is there a lesson that I should get from this incident? What ever it is, it somehow made me realized that I should be aware of what is goin' on around me and yes, thinking of it in a positive way, I think KL doesn't really want me to leave. Or perhaps, someone had cursed me indirectly not asking me to leave (geng keras Borneo kot, since I didn't get to see them on Saturday, or my course mates, like for example Oliver whom has been asking to go and meet him up at least before I leave), and so this is the consequence. I don't know what to do and I need assistance in this since I'm now penniless to purchase another ticket and it would be impossible if I were to do something which is out of my mind (working as a gigolo?, hmmm...that's pretty bad, huhu). Anyway, just pray that I can go home coz my family is missing me badly. Pray for me...AMEN!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A few more steps towards Kuching and in less than 6 hours, I'll be back home, embracing my parents (above), my brothers and sisters.

Departing from KLIA: 1400 hours
E.T.A K.I.A: 1545 hours

My fellow friends and family in Kuching:

(Chris Daughtry's Home)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Final moments in HELL...

Can't wait to see Kuching tomorrow man. Looking at the picture above (Kuching International Airport), my heart is already there although I'm still sitting here in my friend's house in KL. I'll be meeting my family whose waiting for my arrival at the arrival hall of the airport.

But, there are few worries that I, myself would be expecting from my family once I step on to the 'border of reunion'. My parents might be shocked looking at my drastic change of physical appearance as I'm now 'suffering' from a sudden weight loss, a drastic one I would say. Well, I don't think it's all because of health problem, maybe because I keep on skipping breakfast and lunch, but then I've been eating a lot these few weeks. So what's the problem? My weight reduced from 72kg (2 weeks ago) to 64kg (yesterday), and I myself was kinda shocked at this drastic shift. Even my friend, Bryan, told me that I looked so pale and not 'chubby' anymore. Gosh! Anyway, on a positive side, I guess it's and ideal weight for me and I should maintain it, but to the extend of repeating my past experience when I was labeled as a person with 'kurang penjagaan ibu bapa' because I was damn thin and skinny (mind you, my weight was at the worst level: 56kg) few years back and managed to gain back my weight last year up to 74kg (the heaviest). Anyway, whatever the feedbacks may be given, well at least I'm back to my beloved hometown, together with my family and friends, obtain my freedom back after the 'hell' teaching practical for that 10 'hell' weeks.

When I am back to Kuching, I would be expecting some 'appointments' and 'dates' from my friends, old and new. Really looking forward to meet new friends around eversince I met them through friendster and yeah, meeting them would be a normal thing for me but meeting my beloved family is the most exciting and most-awaited moment in my life. Leaving them for 3 months is equivalent to leaving them for 3 years and now that the moment has finally approaching soon, I'll cherish the moments and live life as it is.

Regarding my job as a temporary teacher in St. Joseph, I guess I need to see the PK 1, Puan Belinda Lim for further enquiries because the latest news given by Madam Elisabeth Nyaoi, a permanent teacher came to the school to fill in the vacancy but I'm giving my full hope that there would be a place for me to teach again in my old school while waiting for another semester to arrive. If I'm not given any place in St. Joseph, I would be meeting my friends again in Boulevard Shopping Complex as a promoter again. That is my last resort. Hmmm...

I would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to all my friends in Semenanjung and to
DAICUS, THANKS A LOT for sincerely providing a good shelter throughout my teaching practical period at your abode, Vista Angkasa. God knows how good ur heart is and THANKS ONCE AGAIN! And to my students in SMK Bukit Bandaraya, I wish you all, ALL THE BEST in the coming exam and MAKE ME PROUD OF YOU especially in ENGLISH and MORAL. Special tribute to 2 Jujur and 2 Amanah for making my life cheerful and 'stressful'. Haha. Joking lah...

Anyway, in less than 27 hours, I'll touch down Kuching and yes, I'll shout for myself in my heart:


Tribute to the HEADHUNTERS of BORNEO

Ui, geng! Kalo kamu urg ada tingu ni blogspot, this is for you! Siapa bilang sa nda ingat sama kamu urg? Na...ambik kau! Click and save it to your computer. Apply ni gambar jadi wallpaper.

Buli ba kalau kita!

3rd Month Anniversary Celebration!

Who says we can't celebrate the anniversary of friendship if there's a celebration for marriage anniversary? Happy 3rd-Month Anniversary of our Friendship, Ean! Aramati kita!

Only those who are narrow minded would think that way. Well, both of us deserve the celebration of unity and the integration of Borneo. Borneo people should unite in friendship and this is what we are trying to show to all. Bukan semangat kenegerian tetapi semangat perpaduan yang harus dipupuk oleh semua bukan hanya bertumpu kepada dua negeri yang serba kekurangan ini. Anyway, just wishing both of us...



I just don't understand why people nowadays are so damn RUDE, no manners at all, as if there's nobody around to guide and teach these people on how to be polite and not to hurt someone.

Just keep in mind that nobody would even look at your face when you're keeping yourself as if you are in control and thinkin that you're great. Remember God is looking at you and don't forget when your time comes, you'll face God Almighty. He will ask you whether you've been good or bad all the days of your life. Well, it's too late to change, it is up the God's judgment to release you and send you to be with Him or you'll be sent to the HELL. You are nobody in this world and yes, remember that no matter great you're, if you have no MANNERS, you are useless because you have no value in life.


What the hell is so wrong with MALAYSIAN STUDENTS nowadays?

If I were to compare my time as a student and students of this era, wow, I can tell u, and I believe you would agree with me that they are so much different. Different? Positive and negative. More negative than positive and that is a bad sign of what Malaysia holds in the future.

SAD very SAD! No comment...

Change your attitudes, boys and girls for the betterment of your FUTURE!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Another 2 days to go before leaving the HELL KL!

Oh my! I can't wait to leave the HELL and reach my HEAVEN. Kuching, here I come to embrace your peacefulness and your serenity.

The famous statue of cats that resemble the city itself, KUCHING, and their playful act describes my feelings of joy and eagerness to go back to my beloved hometown. I can't believe time flies that fast and in another 2 days I'll be in Kuching, seeing my family and friends on 21st September 2008. The plane will depart from KLIA at 2pm and expected to arrive Kuching at 3.45pm. My family would be at the airport welcoming their only son whose out of town to make his struggle for success. I would be expecting a lot of new things around and yeah...words can't describe. I'm going back! I'm going back! There are lots of things to share to my family regarding my teaching practice and the things that happened in KL during this crucial time of unstable atmosphere. Gosh! But I'll be leaving my friends like Elvenna, Rita, Wellmancis and the other Borneo gang for 3 months but I'll be back for another time of appearance on Dec 28th. Gonna miss you guys!

Back in Kuching, I would be expecting a few things in regards with my homecoming. I dunno whether my family would be holding the normal barbeque for my homecoming but let me keep my fingers crossed. I would be meeting friends around, new and old, new friends like Abg Adam, Lan, Saiful, Rey and others whom I don't mention here. The old ones, as usual, Bazil (hopefully we can meet up but ya he's kinda busy with SPM so out of the list), my 'gila-gila' geng and my ex-classmates. I would be expecting myself to be accepted into St. Joseph's Secondary School teacher's list because I might be teaching again in that school, not teaching English but BAHASA MALAYSIA! OMG! Phobia man...I'm phobia with BM after all I've done to myself while teaching Moral during my teaching practice...supposedly 100% BM but eventually I used 99% English because I got the influences from the students who don't understand BM totally. Gosh! Watever it is, hope I won't stumble and strugling to find the suitable word in BM when I'm teaching the students. Hmm...ah forget bout it. Wait till I go to the classes then I can eveluate myself.

Owh ya, the most exciting part is that I'll be celebrating my Aidilfitri with my beloved bro, Freddy for the first time after 3 years of celebrating Aidilfitri here in KL. Can't wait to wear my Baju Melayu and that's the time I'm gonna show my true Malaysian spirit of celebrating other people's festival with their traditional costume. Hahaha. And my Christmas will be different compared to the previous years...gonna make it grand. I've set my plan to cheer up the mood of Christmas this year and yeah, I'll reveal it to you soon.

So, those are the list of my expectations the moment I step on the ground of Kuching. Can't wait to go home! I'm gonna be home, Kuching! Wait for my homecoming!

Miss them so much!

Today is the day of reunion after a long separation due to my 10-week teaching practical, finally I've met my 'geng keras Borneo' in Tun Syed Zahiruddin's Residential College (a.k.a. 9th College)

Looking at the photo reminds me of the good all days we spent our craziness together in every activities organized in college. Our funky attitude and the crazy mind overcome our real behavior with all the laughter and jokes. They are truly God's blessings to me. These p
eople have made my life complete even up till now when I am away from them but still the bond of friendship remains. How am I going to find these kind of people who truly appreciate the true meaning of friendship? I remembered when I was so stressed up with something, they tried to cheer me up by cracking few jokes and yes, I laughed like hell, trying to forget the troubles that was lingering on my mind. I miss the times when we always 'lepak' at the famous 9th college mamak stall. Gosh, that was awesome and because of that I really put on weight. Serious. But ya, the precious time with them is uncomparable and can't be describe even a single word. We never fail to remind ourselves through SMS bout the appointment at the mamak stall and when the group has gathered, there goes the 'kegilaan tahap maksimum'. Hahaha...hmmm... So sad that I have to leave them soon for my holidays but no worries coz I'll be back to the dormitory to relive back the times we shared together and I gave them the promise that on the first day of my homecoming, the gang would have a 'sleepless' night of unending stories to tell and jokes to share. Oh, how great and I can't wait for the day and I shall give them my full commitment to create the good times again next year. Miss you guys and take good care of yourself!

My First Blog (get down on it, man!)

Hey guys! Finally I've made up my mind to create my own blog entitled "my RETROSPECTIVE ken" after a total ignorance of posting any stories of my life through the net

I got so jealous with my friends and even my students having their blogs on the Net and being a person who is known as technology gig...well, I should own one. Sounds awesome having your own blog where you'll get to express your views towards certain issues and share your feelings to your friends. But, I'm still not in favour of having personal stories posted on the Net. Sorry guys, only general stories would be posted here in my blog. So, erm...well as request to all of you...visit my blogsite and feel free to comment. My first blog. You have the honor to be the first to comment on it. C ya!