Sunday, September 21, 2008

The most terrible moment in my life!

21 September 2008, a date to remember. The most terrible day of my life. Come to think of it, I was so dumb enough to throw myself down to from the top floor of any building. So dumb and so ridiculous.

I was late for the first time in the whole of my flight experiences. I don't know why and I don't know how this could happened. Is there something behind this whole incident or is there a lesson that I should get from this incident? What ever it is, it somehow made me realized that I should be aware of what is goin' on around me and yes, thinking of it in a positive way, I think KL doesn't really want me to leave. Or perhaps, someone had cursed me indirectly not asking me to leave (geng keras Borneo kot, since I didn't get to see them on Saturday, or my course mates, like for example Oliver whom has been asking to go and meet him up at least before I leave), and so this is the consequence. I don't know what to do and I need assistance in this since I'm now penniless to purchase another ticket and it would be impossible if I were to do something which is out of my mind (working as a gigolo?, hmmm...that's pretty bad, huhu). Anyway, just pray that I can go home coz my family is missing me badly. Pray for me...AMEN!


Katrina said...

haha. pity you la.. you got to be stuck in the "hell kl" again. xD
lol. i was joking. xD

dont worry, teacher, I will pray for you very hard to leave the "hell kl". I'm sure you will and there's always a way! (:

but just don't forget to kidnap a cat for me if you are in Kuching. LOL. xD

(Gosh, I joke too much). =D

Farina said...

hahaha. this is crazy. wth r u doing in kl still? gosh. is this a joke? cuz if it's not, it sounds like the end of the world. (that is, for negative minded ppl)

anyway, if it's not a joke..what u need now are suggestions, if that's not considered too nosy. as a responsible citizen of KL i'd definitely help those erm, immigrants to find their way out, in order to make some space in my poor,Beloved compact Heaven, KL. haa.

ok, suggestions...either

1. get a part-time job in kl first. it ain't that hard to get one. let's say in Sogo, you can get basic rm700 for part time. but that would take a month to get money.

2. what r friends for? go to all your friends/n coursemates/n err students?/ and borrow rm10 from each of them. (of course,don't forget to fill in buku hutang). to best friends, you can try borrow..err..rm50? then you would just need a few days to gather money and done.

3. if you're willing to wait until raya, go round KL to beraya, and who knows, you might be able to collect enough 'duit raya' to go back. haaahaaa.... (this one doesn't sound so....applicable though, unless u hav enough willpower to make it happen).

other than that. may luck be with u.

zel zel zel! said...

oi..bro..ko terlepas kawu pun flight kah!!!!! aduhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! cant see u in kuching la camtok!

Kenneth Ken Bryan said...

I dunno but for sure I'll be coming back at least before Raya or by 25th September. So, don't worry bout me...I'm fine here in KL eventhough I'm still in the state of shock. Don't worry guys. And thanks for the suggestions and concerns.