Friday, September 19, 2008

Final moments in HELL...

Can't wait to see Kuching tomorrow man. Looking at the picture above (Kuching International Airport), my heart is already there although I'm still sitting here in my friend's house in KL. I'll be meeting my family whose waiting for my arrival at the arrival hall of the airport.

But, there are few worries that I, myself would be expecting from my family once I step on to the 'border of reunion'. My parents might be shocked looking at my drastic change of physical appearance as I'm now 'suffering' from a sudden weight loss, a drastic one I would say. Well, I don't think it's all because of health problem, maybe because I keep on skipping breakfast and lunch, but then I've been eating a lot these few weeks. So what's the problem? My weight reduced from 72kg (2 weeks ago) to 64kg (yesterday), and I myself was kinda shocked at this drastic shift. Even my friend, Bryan, told me that I looked so pale and not 'chubby' anymore. Gosh! Anyway, on a positive side, I guess it's and ideal weight for me and I should maintain it, but to the extend of repeating my past experience when I was labeled as a person with 'kurang penjagaan ibu bapa' because I was damn thin and skinny (mind you, my weight was at the worst level: 56kg) few years back and managed to gain back my weight last year up to 74kg (the heaviest). Anyway, whatever the feedbacks may be given, well at least I'm back to my beloved hometown, together with my family and friends, obtain my freedom back after the 'hell' teaching practical for that 10 'hell' weeks.

When I am back to Kuching, I would be expecting some 'appointments' and 'dates' from my friends, old and new. Really looking forward to meet new friends around eversince I met them through friendster and yeah, meeting them would be a normal thing for me but meeting my beloved family is the most exciting and most-awaited moment in my life. Leaving them for 3 months is equivalent to leaving them for 3 years and now that the moment has finally approaching soon, I'll cherish the moments and live life as it is.

Regarding my job as a temporary teacher in St. Joseph, I guess I need to see the PK 1, Puan Belinda Lim for further enquiries because the latest news given by Madam Elisabeth Nyaoi, a permanent teacher came to the school to fill in the vacancy but I'm giving my full hope that there would be a place for me to teach again in my old school while waiting for another semester to arrive. If I'm not given any place in St. Joseph, I would be meeting my friends again in Boulevard Shopping Complex as a promoter again. That is my last resort. Hmmm...

I would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to all my friends in Semenanjung and to
DAICUS, THANKS A LOT for sincerely providing a good shelter throughout my teaching practical period at your abode, Vista Angkasa. God knows how good ur heart is and THANKS ONCE AGAIN! And to my students in SMK Bukit Bandaraya, I wish you all, ALL THE BEST in the coming exam and MAKE ME PROUD OF YOU especially in ENGLISH and MORAL. Special tribute to 2 Jujur and 2 Amanah for making my life cheerful and 'stressful'. Haha. Joking lah...

Anyway, in less than 27 hours, I'll touch down Kuching and yes, I'll shout for myself in my heart:



Katrina said...

yay! you mention 2 amanah too! haha. :D stressful eh? :P

ricky said...

Wow! It’s Amazing picture of kuching international airport. I also want to see this airport. Kuching is the city of Malaysia. The airport is also an airbase for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.

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