Monday, September 22, 2008

I will not repeat the same thing EVER again!

I'm speechless right now as I have gotten my new ticket flight back to Kuching which is scheduled tonight. Too excited I guess and can't wait to meet my family waiting for my arrival. Hahaha.

Depart from KLIA: 1015p.m.
E.T.A. @ KIA: 12.00 a.m.

Recalling back the time when I was a fool being late for the flight, I think I'm now in phobia of everything that has got to do with airport, KL Sentral, ticket and of course KLIA! Now, I'm telling myself that I must be there extra early even 6 hours before the flight, I would rather wait there till I die. It's all because of the incident that made me realize that I must be aware of the surroundings and be extra alert especially in terms time management. For 2 days, I was not being myself, not talking, emotionally unstable, didnt have the mood to eat and tensed up. My sufferings ended yesterday night after everything was settled and big THANKS to Daicus and Victoria (my cousin) for their big assistance. Reli owe you guys to the max and God knows how kind you are to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I would have done something out of my mind without you all but because of your assistance, I'm now back with with my normal attitude. THOUSAND THANKS! :'(

Praise and glory to God Almighty for the good things you've given me throughout my trying times. AMEN!


weng xiu said...

enjoy ur holidays... lor
dun worry
even if u r in KL
still hv me as ur true brother

enjoy ur days in kuching brother!

Anonymous said...

eh eh..

Mo adeh blog nama ti ah.. Huhuhu.

aba kamet neg blog aku yah.
n kesian... kena tinggal belon...

Rayta87 said...

oit...update ur blog la...ngahaha

sayalahfaizul said...

enjoy ya... never ever forget me tau... i'll be missing you and all our batch mate... *sigh... sorry for everything...

james bryan said...

hi there< just interested in how you got your name, as my father was called kenneth bryan and he lived in kuching for 1 year back in 1967,
please email